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Helen Fields Immolatin of Eve Free Book
Helen Fields giveaway free books Eve
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See where Helen Fields' writing journey began. These two books were self-published when she first began writing, and was challenging herself with world building and characterisation.Since then she has become a best-selling crime writer, but these stories gave her the confidence to know she could entrance readers with her vision of a different reality.

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Book 1, The Immolation of Eve

Get carried away with Eve… Eve MacKenzie is a bright, tough English lawyer who loves her work, her home and her friends. When Eve finds out that she was adopted, the search to find her birth mother spirals her into a world of darkness and myth. A trip to Krakow to defend a soldier in a disturbing rape case brings Eve face to face with the demon incubus Perun. Intent on seducing her for his own purposes, Perun is dangerous and uncontrollable and yet he's the only who can tell Eve what she wants to know. When Eve follows the trail to San Francisco a local ranch hand intervenes to protect Eve from Perun and in the process stops her from finding her mother. Eve, caught between two men with their own agenda, becomes a pawn in a battle for power between her own family and the demons who seek to control her. Only the greatest sacrifice can save her and the people she loves. First she must learn to master her emotions to survive. From the courtrooms of London to the Dragon’s Cave in Krakow, from the Slovakian Mountains to the wilds of Yosemite, Eve’s journey will keep you entranced to the very end. A scorching fantasy with a strong, believable heroine...this is the start of an epic adventure of seduction, loss, love and revenge.

Book 2, The Vengeance of Legion

The dark fantasy sequel to the Immolation of Eve. Eve MacKenzie had a tough year. She found out her parents weren't who she thought they were, was pursued across continents by a vicious incubus seeking to use her to secure power in his own world, and fell for a man cursed never to love again without tragic consequences.


After sacrificing her chance to be reunited with her mother to save the lives of other members of her family, she concentrated on getting on with her own life and making the best of it. Now the tribe of vicious incubi she thought were gone from her life forever are back. Eve and her friends must fight for their lives in this tale of torture, vengeance and lust.

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