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Five reads that are perfect for autumn reading. Curl up by the fire or light a candle, get warm and comfortable, and leave the world behind. These books are all extraordinary examples of world-building that is the ultimate in literary escapism. Enjoy! 

Lessons In Chemistry - Bonnie Garmus

This book is so deftly written. It covers a range of heartbreak, from rape and sexual assault to misogyny and prejudice, but it does it all with such a light touch and clever whimsical insight that you don't feel battered by the subject matter at all. It's a brave, bold, uniquely engaging and intelligent read that was my favourite book of 2022 by a country mile.

Fairy Tale - Stephen King

King's narrative voice in Fairy Tale is a return to his older story telling. I could hear echoes of The Body (novella) and It (the first part). One of the may things King does better than any other writer of fiction, but that teenage boy voice just rings off the page and carries you away. This is a great story, escapism at its finest. I absolutely loved it. And yes, it did feel like a kiss in the dark for those Constant Readers out there.

House Of Ashes - Stuart Neville

I absolutely loved the combination of crime novel with a historical bent and some brushstroke supernatural. Neville has you completely obsessed with the characters. The writing feels both familiar but also fresh and exciting. Utterly believable, this is heart in your mouth stuff. 

All The Light We Cannot See - Anthony Doerr

A genre-busting literary feast, that is as hard to describe as it is easy to read. With a wartime setting that is perfectly drawn, you are pulled into the character's constantly shifting world and immersed in their peril, and the hint of supernatural that comes with it is nothing more than a breath on the wind, yet it changes everything. This isn't a book, it's an experience.


Hex - Thomas olde heuvelt

Heuvelt is one of the few modern horror writers who is as deft as Stephen King at combining small town lives with a terrifying monster. This stunning story is captivating and claustrophobic, and the writer doesn't shy away from the tough stuff either, which I loved. Hex is genuinely outstanding.

Helen Fields  is a million copy best seller crime writer & number one thriller book novelist now writing her 14th book. Her latest is The Institution out now in Hardback, Paperback and Audio.

Lessons in Chemistry
Fairy Tale
House of Ashes
All the light we cannot see
The Institution Book by Helen Fields

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