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What would you do if you found a killer?

Would you run? Would you hide?

Or would you face your
greatest fear?

Midnight Jones is an analyst trained to understand the human mind. But everything changes when, in the course of her work, she discovers Profile K’s file – because K stands for killer, and she knows that someone more dangerous than she could have ever imagined walks among them.

Midnight knows what Profile K is capable of before he even commits his first crime. But as the news rolls with the brutal murder of a local woman, no one believes what she tells them: that he’s capable of so much more.

Profile K will kill again – and slowly, terrifyingly, Midnight realises that the moment she found his file was the moment she became his next target. Because Profile K is coming for Midnight – and the only way to escape with her life is to find him before he finds her…

The million-copy bestseller is back with a dark, terrifying journey into the mind of a killer that you won’t forget. The perfect read for fans of John Marrs’ The One.

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Best read of 2024! There I’ve said it, I’ve set the standard.

This book was incredibly good. Fast paced, thrilling action and so tense. Helen S Foelds really is at the top of her game. And to make matters even better… Connie Woolwine makes an appearance! *cue fan girl fainting*



What a start to a book! Thrown in from the off, to an action packed fast paced thriller. This book is so good. The fact that what is not written about the crimes scenes makes it all so much more gruesome, less is definitely more! Fields gives you the scene and lets your imagination run riot!


Once again Helen Fields has done it again another edge of your seat murder mystery.. I have no idea how she keeps coming up with new and fresh ideas but she has.

Helen is a million copy best seller crime writer & UK no.1 thriller book novelist now writing her 14th book.


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